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D: 2018 Fall Schedule

Meets on Thursdays from 12:30 – 2:00 pm at the Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society, room 5401, unless otherwise indicated.


 Fall 2018 Schedule
  September 12

(Wednesday, 4:15-6:15 pm at the Political Science Thesis Room, 5th floor), co-hosted with the Comparative Politics Workshop

  Veronica Michel (John Jay College, CUNY)

(co-authored with Shannon Walsh)

  Specializing Justice: NGOs and the Rule of Law in Latin America
  October 3 (Wednesday)

Meets in the Sociology Thesis Room, 6th Floor, Room 6112.01

  Sujatha Fernandes   Out of the Home, Into the House: Storytelling and Philanthropy in Domestic Worker Legislative Campaigns
  October 11   Leigh Graham   Race, Risk and Resilience in Rockaway
  November 1   Yang Li and You Fei   Does Enforcement of China’s Overseas NGO Law Affect US-based NGOs in China?
  November 7

(Wednesday, meets at 12pm at Baruch College,  Room 308, 135 East 22nd Street)

  George Mitchell and

  Thad Calabrese

  Outcome-Oriented Philanthropy and the Problem of Institutional Design
  November 15   Mary Roldan   Foundation(al) Fictions: Corporate Philanthropy, the Catholic Church, and the Alliance for Progress in Colombia
  November 29   Susan Chambre   Historical Trends in Volunteerism: Continuities and Discontinuities in Rates, Styles and Motivations
  December 13   Sarah Sunn Bush   Density and Decline in the Founding of International NGOs in the United States



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