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Civil Society Workshop on October 11 with Leigh Graham

Join us Thursday, October 11, at 12:30 pm for a discussion with:

Leigh Graham, Assistant Professor of Public Management, John Jay College, on:

Race, Risk, and Resilience in Rockaway

The need to reconstruct the beach neighborhoods of the Rockaways, Queens, after Hurricane Sandy in 2012 brought a wide range of people and organizations together in a local participatory process. Professor Graham’s research shows how participation was affected by differences in race, economic status, and the unique set of regulations surrounding public housing.

Read more about Graham’s work here in Urban Affairs Review.: https://urbanaffairsreview.com/2018/06/05/public-housing-participation-in-superstorm-sandy-recovery/

Meets in room 5401, Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society, the Graduate Center.

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