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Civil Society Workshop on October 11 – John Casey

The Civil Society Workshop will meet on Wednesday, October 11, at 1 pm for a discussion with

Prof. John Casey

Marxe School of Public and International Affairs, Baruch College, CUNY

“Why Do Millenials Mock Nonprofits?”

John CaseyAbstract: In past media representations, nonprofits and their workers were generally heroic. Now they seem to be more the objects of mockery and satire. Is this as symptom of a post-irony society, the result of a general loss of trust in all institutions, or is there some particular vehemence to the millennial mocking of nonprofits? This paper explores some of the recent print and visual media representations of nonprofits and explores how they may impact on the current and future role of nonprofits and on government-nonprofit relations.
We will meet in room 5401.01 (Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society)

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