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IFP Papers and Presentations

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AMAT’ULLAH, Nurah. “A Community Foundation in the Bronx:  A Path Towards Transforming Local Communities and Improving Lives” (SIFP 2010)


BARCLAY, Akira. “The Value of Giving Circles in the Evolution of Community Philanthropy: How Community-Based Philanthropy Can Be Strengthened by Forging a Bond Between Community Foundations and Black Giving Circles in the United States.” (ELIFP 2012)

BASTANIEL, Thomas. “Learning from the Experience of Community Foundations” (ELIFP 2011)

BENTLEY, Mark.  “Partnering with Local Government: Accelerating the Achievement of Community Foundation Sustainability.” (SIFP 2012)

BEVAN, Joanna. “Resilience Rainbow: What Role Can Community Foundations Play in Increasing Community Resilience”  (ELIFP 2014)

BUSSACOS, Henrique.  “Promoting Youth Civil Engagement Through Web-based Games” (ELIFP 2012).


CARSON, Francesca Aguiar. “Building for the Future: Best Practices and Lessons from Community Foundations in Establishing, Managing, and Cultivating Donor Support for an Endowment”  (ELIFP 2012).


DIMANTA, Ruta. Foundation Ziedot.lv. Latvia. Civil society and community foundations [Presentation slides, pdf] (ELIFP 2017, April).


FANG, Hui. “Community Leadership: Best Practices from Community Foundations and Applicability to Chinese Third Sector Development” (ELIFP 2011).

FULLER, Emily. “Australian Community Foundations as Community Voice:  Influencing a More Locally Responsive and Effective Allocationof Resources.”  (SIFP 2014)




HELLMAN, Bernadette. “The Challenge of Sustainability:  How German Community Foundations Can Strengthen Their Financial and Organizational Stability.” (ELIFP 2010)


LOVLIN, Luann. “Connecting Community Foundations.” (SIFP 2008).


MCLEOD, Karyn.  “Earthquake: Shaking Up New Zealand’s Philanthropic Landscape.” (SIFP 2012)


TUCKER, Tasha.. “Next Generation Philanthropy.” (ELIFP 2011).


VIRGIL, Myra.  “In pursuit of full potential: Contemporary narratives in the community foundation movement and their implications for emerging institutions.”  (SIFP 2013)


WEBSTER, Marion. “Ensuring Sustainable Community Foundations” (SIFP 2003).


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