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Powerful sharing @ Center on Philantropy and Civil Society

(from sx: Shani Horowitz-Rosen, Mariane Maier Nunes, Federica Corda, Barbara Leopold, Ruta Dimanta, Robert Edgar, Myrna Gimena Cacho)

It has already been 2 weeks since our program at the Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society started and  the emotion to be part of this group is so special, it is not easy to describe in words!

I am Federica, from Italy, I have been working for 8 years at the Verbano Cusio Ossola Community Foundation as an Executive Director.

Thanks to the Fellowship provided by the Center, I met four colleagues (now also friends!) with whom I have been sharing professional experiences, ideas, best practices and goals. I have to say the best interaction comes when we try to find out solutions for incoming challenges that our communities might face in the next future.

I really like the way we have been discovering innovative approaches to our daily practices.
We all come from different countries where we manage diverse activities, such as raising funds, seeking donors, making grants, promoting more efficient communication’s strategy for NPOs …but for all of us the most relevant purpose is how to support civil societies and, more in general, communities, in providing help to solve local issues.
I think that experiences such as this are extremely valuable  to students, not only academically but also and above all, on a personal, emotional human and social level. I am really glad to be here and be part of this unique experience!
(Federica Corda, 2017 Fellow, Italy)

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